Wii Console (White) (“Wii Remote Jacket” included) (RVL-S-WD) [maker production end]

Wii Console (White) (“Wii Remote Jacket” included) (RVL-S-WD) [maker production end] image
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  • プラットフォーム: Nintendo Wii
  • Intuitive anyone play    Wii remote control , simple operation that only turn on the TV screen with one hand . It is possible to or shake In addition, you can twist , and or points , to play intuitively , as well as touch screen of the Nintendo DS, regardless of the presence or absence of age , gender, game experience , anyone can operate at will you . Then, the new play style you’ve never seen before , and guiding into the ” circle of play” the person next .
  • Download ” Virtual Console” game software of nostalgia    It is the one that was reproduced in the Wii on the game software was released in the game machine of the past with the virtual console . Enjoy Wii to download in the shopping channel the family computer software , SNES , NINTENDO64, PC Engine , Mega Drive , NEOGEO, MSX of (planned) .
  • Wii Never Sleeps ” Wii Connect 24 ”    Power OFF when the power is ON, stop when you play the game . It was perfectly normal in the conventional game machine . However , Wii does not sleep even if the state of OFF. Enters the standby mode with low power consumption of about one miniature bulb slightly , make the always-on connection and the Internet . While the user is sleeping , provides “Every day that it is possible to enjoy anyone have new experiences ,” and everyone in the ” home of the relationship and Wii every day deliver the content even while going outside the” WiiConnect24 ” I lead it to a life ” .
  • Channel increases in home TV    There is the idea of ” increasing the channel on the TV in the home ” as one of the development concept of the Wii. I play the game by starting the disk because the game console it is, of course , as there was a ” PictoChat ” as the body built-in software on the Nintendo DS, we own internal software also some Wii. I called a “channel” the software of these one by one . And channel to leverage channel creative , an SD memory card in conjunction information delivery channel using WiiConnect24, and game software , and to choose the channel of the TV station with the TV remote control like , choosing the various channels of Wii with Wii Remote I can . Then , the channel will increase in various forms in the future .

Original software that can be purchased in the Wii point ” Wii Ware ”
   Download the software of nostalgia for the ” Virtual Console” , can be purchased by downloading the Wii special software that are not sold over the counter and ” Wii Ware ” . Along with creating opportunities for game development full of variety , regardless of the size of the manufacturer was giving priority to the ” idea ” , is a new attempt to provide our customers at an affordable price software . If you plan to prep

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